Monday, January 28, 2013

Keio Yugekitai Katsugekihan (Saturn)

What a nice little game this.  I took an interest in it after trying the Sega CD prequel, which if I had I payed money for it, holy flapjacks.  I found the Sega CD shooter much more charming than any of the Parodius games.  They're both anachronistic Japanese scrolling shooters.  In place of Parodius's penguin's is Keio's tanuki.  I can't tell you what exactly made Keio charming to me and Parodius not.  Either way, I tracked down the Saturn sequel when I was in Japan in August and just now played it.

There's opening Saturn-compressed anime scenes setting up that there are some not-dragon balls that need collecting, and the young girl you play transforms into a bunny costume to get them.  You die in one hit, but if you have a weapon, you just lose your weapon and have two seconds of invincibility to rush around the stage and try to pick up your weapon. 

The stages are bright and colorful if not by themselves memorable.  There's a bizarre stage where you are in side  volcano riding a miniature train driven by rats.  The first shooter stage is a call back to Sega CD game, and the

I felt torn throughout the game, you have limited continues which drop you off at your last checkpoint, but if you run out you can just continue from the beginning of the stage.  Even if the game isn't particularly difficult, one hit kills give it a lot of tension and stress.  Running around to grab your weapon has a perfect sense of panic.  Most of the bosses have a way you can just game them as opposed to actually engaging them.  I tried to avoid this, but being easily able to kill the boss safely is a pretty tempting option in the face of try number twenty-one.

An extremely pleasant game that I'm glad I own though. 

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My few readers, you know I'm podcasting and putting more profess reviews on Hinge Problems right?  I'll have more actual words up there soon!  We'll have a podcast about Red Dead Redemption and my most recent Japan trip soon! 

Also don't play Dragon Fantasy on the iOS.  It is very boring.