Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Gameboy is 25 here is an index

Everyone is celebrating the Game Boy/Gameboy.  That means it is as good as time as any for me to actually make an index of my screenshots and comments when I played through the entire Game Boy/Gameboy romset.  Enjoy and link!

D part 1
D part 2
D part 3
F part 1
F part 2
G part 1
G part 2
H part 1
H part 2
K part 1
K part 2
K part 3
M part 1
M part 2
M part 3
M part 4
M part 5
N sports
P part Pone
P part Ptwo
P part Pthree - Q
R part 1
R part 2
S part 1
S part 2
S part 3
S part 4
T part 1
T part 2
T part 3
U - V

Bother me on twitter if any of the links are bad!  Even if I don't write about crap I'm playing much anymore I am still playing all kinds of things. Listen to me talk about them on hinge problems!  It was absolutely insane that I did this project.  Enjoy all the pictures!