Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Twin Peaks The Pilot

Fun for all ages, a man watches a TV Show that is 25 years old for the first time. 

It was kind of boring. 

That's my honest feeling.  Everyone is angry with me now.  Or agreeing with me.  I can't tell I'm writing this now.  I liked that it was paced like The Wire.  It was paced like chapter 1 of a novel.  It didn't have a TV show arc.  What happened in the pacing over 90 minutes was a bit dull though.

I liked that it was season 3 of a drama with a murder dropped into it.  All the characters had history and relations like a long running drama.  There just happened to be a murder involved.  So you get FBI Agent Dale Cooper.

The music was fantastic though. 

And I guess I will watch episode 2 I mean it is there on Hulu+.  So in that way it was successful.  I will spend some of the limited time before I die with the series again.  I'll probably decide if I'm going to watch anymore based on that second episode.  So Twin Peaks you're on thin ice because being on thin ice is the only way to treat any media in 2015.  There's too much media that you will absolutely enjoy to waste time with stuff you are indifferent to.  I could watch season 4 of Archer.  I haven't seen that yet.  Will probably love it!

Or I could waste a thousand more hours on the internet doing jack shit.  That will probably be what happens.