Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July 2013 Movies

Les Miserables
I certainly remember less than I thought about a 1500 page book I read in middle school.  Holy fuck I read a 1500 page in middle school and now I don't have a job.  It was pointed out to me that I have the same eyes as Anna Hatheway. Well thanks. 

This movie has no time for pauses.  It does have moments where it slows down, and you will become very very bored.  Then it picks up again and you just want them to hold on something for a minute.  It's wrecking your brain because you can't figure out  what exactly you want from it, but it is certainly not giving it to you.

Only God Forgives
That is certainly the best part of the movie.  The world is apparently complaining it is not like Drive.  I admit that I saw it because I loved Drive.  Huh.  I never wrote about Drive.  I saw Drive in theaters 3 times.  I bought multiple copies and handed it out to friends.  I love Drive a lot.

This movie is not Drive.  I am okay with that.  It is silence and violence.  You know those long nothing shots in Drive? (OH you haven't seen Drive?  Well go watch it.)  This whole movie is that, and then violence.  The violence almost continues the silence.  I wondered if this was almost some absurd long joke at "the masses" for like Drive.  It kind of seems like it.

Man I wish I had seen the movie that poster inspires in my mind.  I will probably see every Refn film that comes out.  I'm still debating seeing his back-catalog.

The Score
This movie is on every streaming service for free and it was talked about by an internet-celebrity with a brand new game out.  I don't need to tell you more about it, other than I wouldn't have recommended it to you.  What is important is this movie staring Deniro, Edward Norton, and Marlon Brando led me to a rabbithole discovery.  There's a film, directed by Johnny Depp, that also has Marlon Brando.  In the film J.  Depp is a native american who is going to be paid to be the "star" of a snuff film.  I don't want to see that film.  It sounds like a rough time whether it's a "good" or "bad" film.  It sounds like an awful way to spend the limited pleasure time on Earth.  Why would I want to suffer in my leisure?  But yes The Score.

This Blockbuster previous rental has been sitting on my shelf since the Blockbuster nearest me died.   I finally popped it in and watched it.  Heck yeah to any movie that opens with Refused.   It's an 87 skate video.  A lot of it's punch was probably lost because I saw Shoot'em Up first.  Also Jason Stathem certainly is not a good guy in this movie!  I'm a crazy person that seeks justice in my fantasy.  Man I bet Crank 2 is even better.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Blockbuster Rentals in 2013

Since I'm leaving the states (semi) soon and it is illegal to rent games I went on down to Blockbuster and rented some games.  Unlike the rest of America there are still 3 blockbusters within 15 minutes of my house.  They all have the creepying smell of death about them though.

Halo 4
Sure was Halo-y.  I still do not like the action figure feel of Halo.  I don't know why I keep trying this series.  I know the multiplayer is actually where it is at, but I hate the action figure feel.  It is a very deliberate feel that (For bungie at least) is exactly how they wanted it to feel.  I could barely feel whatever changes 343 brought to the whole thing as a non-superfan.  It had some pretty visuals and watching all the spartan-ops cutscenes on youtube made me go "I'll watch that Halo TV series!"

DmC Devil May Cry 
 was a pretty cool looking game that the misogyny and terrible fucking writing and the stupdity just wore at me.  Holy shit does this game not like women.  Once again Ninja Theory has that "strong" female character that has serious issues and just needs a strong man to make everything right/rescue them.  Also they say the dumbest fucking lines in history.

Two characters say "I know this place like the back of my hand."  I think it is in subsequent levels.  How bad do you have to be at writing/editting a script not to catch that.  There's lots of detail lavished on the world look and dante's move list (not so much on enemy design.)

It would be offensive if it wasn't such trash.

I did plan to buy this game at some point to support IO Interactive.  Then that stuff happened with them and it didn't matter.  I know people are up in arms about it not being hitman-y enough but I got to the 3rd mission and quit because it was just like hitman to me and I couldn't give a crap about anything.

Metal Gear Rising Revengence
The official thread for this is filled with the MG nerds MGnerding it up (s'up guys).  It was fun to read that stuff, even if they were all ultimately overcompensating for the nonsense plot.  I played this after DmC so basically anything looked like fucking literature.  I loved quiton flynn after the change over.  I've been using that voice all week. It is a voice everyone can do.  It was weird playing a stylish action game without a dodge or a block button.  By virtue of not pissing me off after I die (Bayonetta) I'd call it Platinum's best game.

I wanted to box more in this game.  I was dissappointed when I stood in front of sexy girl poster and no one on the codec noticed.  I didn't feel a need to play it any more after beating it.

What I'm saying is I'm insane and would rather play Ninja Gaiden 3 over and over again.  I think that game does a better job with "you enjoy all the killing."  I haven't played another game of the stylish action genre where it feels better to press buttons.  It feels SO GOOD to press buttons in that game.  It is on my short list of games to buy again once I am settled.  Man now I'm going to go download Ninja Gaiden 3 demo again just to play level one a couple of times.  I will have a better time with that than any of these games that I do not regret renting.

I'm also debating renting Skyward Sward.