Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Game Boy F Part 1

Hey Jerk.  You forgot to use this when showing off the D games. Warning: The F games getting hot!

F-1 Boy

F-1 Pole Position
F-15 Strike Eagle
in 2012 Faceball 2000 is just an amazing novelty
Fairy Kitty
Remember how I said I hated putting in my name?  That still hasn't stopped being a thing I do in every other game.  This game also asks for my full birthday.  You have to enter a 4 digit year and you cannot enter a non realistic year.  You have to put a 19XX year.  I should have checked for 20XX but I think it would have rejected that too.

Fairy Tale's Club
If this game was about twice as fast and on iOS I probably would never stop playing it.
Fastest Lap
Felix The Cat
Ferret Monogatari
Nintendogs 10 years earlier, with ferrets.
It's as boring as having any pet that lives in a cage.
The Fidgetts
Fifa 97  God I love those Atari sprites.
Fighting Simulator2in1
What an intro to Final Fantasy X - Fantasy War
A better belt scroller than the Double Dragons with RPG elements!
In the first round you set your ship's path.  In the second round you have to use your opponent's path.

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