Friday, October 5, 2012

Game Boy C

Cha Cha Maru Panic

We Got lots of screenshots to get through so let's get started!

Cardcapture Sakura
Castlevania EMO Demo
 Finally the game where I am Julius Belmont fighting Dracula in 1999!  Kind of.

Chachamaru Boukenki 3
And we're back and will continue to have screenshots you don't have to squint at (hopefully).

You render that 3D terrain you GBC.

The Chibi Maruko games really helped me remember that I hate Chibi Maruko.  She's like worst children's cartoon character.  Well, her and Shin-Chan (which we will get to.)  She's an awful human being who never learns a lesson and just does atrocious things to her friends and family.  No moral!  Just terrible stuff happens.  Like a Japanese Ghost Story.  You stepped in the house I died in, now I'm going to kill you and your entire family.

Wacky Races (Japanese version)

Wacky Races has amazingly smooth scrolling.  Like some wizard performed magic.

Is Wacky Races the only HB cartoon Japan ever got?

Chikyuu Kaihou Gun ZAS is rad.

Columns staring Tetsuka charac-fuck it's still Columns.
Contra Alien Wars

Cool World
Cosmo Tank
Crayon Shin Chan 3

I think we all have nightmares like this (CSC 5)

I hate CSC slightly less, because fart jokes.

Crazy Burger

 Taiwanese developer Sachen made a lot of X-in-1 games for the Gameboy.  They are all pulled apart in this romset.  None of them are good.  All of them feature great sprite work and are mildly insane.  This is partially explained because back in the early days of the internet Frank Cifaldi was trying to collect every NES game and Sachen was still making them far later than anyone else.  In the catalog that came with each of their games they listed, "Huge Insect".  This game didn't exist.  At Frank and other's insistence they went ahead and made the game to sell.  I'm going to retroactively assume that they made all their games title first.
Crazy Richman

Cross Hunter
Cruisin' Exotica
Cult Jump
Cult Jump
Quiz Game + RPG dungeon crawler.

Cult Master
I guess in the early 90s "Cult" didn't have a negative connotation.  Also look at me getting a question about Ultraman right completely by accident.  Go me!

Cutthroat Island
The animation in every version of CI is really weird.

Cyber Formula GPX
Everything shakes in Cyber Tiger
I have no clue what's going on in Cyborg Kuro-Chan but it is is radical.  The sequel at first glance wasn't as good so  I just kept the first one.

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  1. There was some point where cult had a negative connotation? What did it imply?