Friday, October 5, 2012

Game Boy D Part 1

Daedalean Opus
There sure were a lot of C games.  We're skipping over the Dragon Quest games.  So this should go a little faster (Nope!  going to be 2 parts.)  These will mostly be kind of blurry because once again the emulator somehow screwed up and took small tiny screenshots.  I just found about blogspot's built in picture enlarger.  I apologize, but it makes them viewable (to me.)

Daffy Duck Fowl Play

It really goes overboard on animation
And we're back to small screenshots great.


Bear with me here.  Daikatana  for the GBC is actually kind of fun.  Incredibly silly, but as a Zelda-like it isn't bad.

Daiku no Gensan (J) Translated
I'm so sad these Hammering Harry screens aren't bigger.

Dan Laser (Sachen)

Oh good.  The DDR Disney shots are big.
Dancing Furby

Daruman Busters
This puzzle game I've seen in various forms requires brain tracks I don't have.

Das Geheimnis der Happy Hippo-Insel
I just can copy and paste the name and move on.
David Beckham Soccer

I guess you are racing in a tube?
Dear Daniel no Sweet Adventure
It actually has pretty great chipy-pop music
A Sachen game.
Dennis the Menace
Level 1 is Mister Wilson's House, and check out that weird jump.

Level 2 is Spooky Forest
Densha De Go!
I'm pretty angry at these small screenshots.
Dick Tracy
Oh yeah there was the Dexter's Lab game that was inexplicably Elevator Action but worse.

I guess the picture is of Zini?  This game was strange and boring.

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