Friday, October 12, 2012

Game Boy G Part 2

I'm debating saving the other picture from Game Boy Color Demonstration or not.  I will for now.

Ghostbusters II

GBII is pretty good.
Global Hexcite

Go Go Ackman
Go Go Hitchiker
Yep.  It's totally a game about hitchhiking across Japan.  You might even able to die! (Probably not)
God Medicine
I wish I remembered anything about God Medicine outside of thinking it was good and not deleting it.  My one screenshot doesn't help me or you out very much to explain it either.  Well maybe one day in the next 10 years I'll go give it a serious try.

Gold and Glory - The Road to El Dorado
Golf Daisuki!
Golf de Ohasuta
Golf Ou!
Gran Duel - Shinki Dungeon no Hihou
Grand Prix (familar!)
Great Battle Pocket
Great Greed
Gurander Musashi RV
Guruguru Garakuta
Gute Zeiten Schlechte Zeiten Quiz
Gyouten Ningen Batseelor - Doctor Guy

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