Monday, October 29, 2012

Game Boy N Games

Nail N' Scale
After all those M games, It's time to relax with the next letter.  But first I've been forgetting to post this video of how bizarre the sound is in Blues Brother's Jukebox Adventure is.  It seems every emulator does this, so either there's something wrong with emulation, or this is how the sound works on an actual GB.

Nakayoshi Cooking series 1
Nakayoshi Cooking Series 3
Nakayoshi Pet Series 1
Good looking rabbit right there.
Nakayoshi Pet Series 4
Namco Gallery Vol. 1
Namco Gallery Vol. 2
The Nations Land of Legends
Navy Blue '90
This is a pretty cool version of Battleship with more rules.
If the computer didn't cheat.
Navy Blue '98 is even better.
Navy Seals
Those small patches in the background really add atmosphere.
Nettou Garou 2
Nettou King of Fighters '96
Nettou King of Fighters '97
New Adventures of Mary Kate and Ashley
New Batman Adventures
The New Chessmaster
New SD Gundam
Nihonshi Target 201
Ninja Boy 2
Weird that they replaced a game about stereotyping Chinese people with stereotyping Japanese people.
Ninja Gaiden Shadow
This game is solid as a rock.
Ninja Spirit is also almost as awesome as the PC-E version.
Ninja Taro

Nintama Eawase
Nintama Rantou

Nisemon Puzzle da Mon!
Preschool wall level character designs here.
No Fear - Downhill Mountain Biking
Noobow (I fucking love Noobow)
N*Sync Get to the Show
Really this is the only shot I have of this?  I guess there's a reason for that.  The actual game is driving a limo Spy Hunter style and being told to stop at the post office by J-Timber right as you are passing the post office.  You can't turn around so they just be-little you and your poor ability to please them.  It's kind of of amazing?

Nushi Tsuri Adventure - Kite no Bouken
The New York Race

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