Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Game Boy O

Out of Gas
It has terrific music, please enjoy it as you read this entry.
 O'Boy. O is one nice short entry!  Fun fact: If it was an obtuse puzzle game I bailed pretty much immediately instead of trying to figure out it's rules.

Oide Rascal

Ojarumaru - Mitsunegai Jinja no Ennich...
Ojarumaru - Tsukiyo ga Ike no Takaramo...
Truly a dream team of characters
On the Tiles
Onigashima Pachinko Ten

Operation C
Original Moorhuhn Jagd_ Die
Those fucking chickens.
Otogi Banasi Tai
Otoko Jyuku
Ottifanten - Kommando Stoertebeker
Otto's Ottifanten
Ou Dorobou Jing - Devil Version
Out to Lunch
Owarai Yowiko no Game-dou
This game screwed up big time, I kept seeing where it would go.

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