Thursday, October 11, 2012

Game Boy G Part 1

GI King

I remember I had something to write about what this game actually is but I've played like 400 game since playing it.  Oh wait it was betting on horse racing.  Yep.  You bet fake money on fake horse racing and then lose or win more fake money.  The next game was a pokemon clone about making poop fight.

Gakkyuu Ou Yamazaki

Then you eat different food to make your poop stats go up?
Gal Fighters
Gal Fighters wasn't nearly as good as E'.  Also wasn't so much Gal Fighters.

Game Convini 21

Ganbare Goemon Hoshizorashi Dynamite
About as good as any of the SNES Goemons

I mean, for being on the GBC.

You're fighting cats this time.
Another Goemon game.
I can't tell you as much about this one.
Ganbare Goemon - Tengutou no Gyakushuu
Ganbare Goemon
When you die in Ganbaruga your robot is replaced with a dog.
Gaunlet II
GB Harobots
We're going to start seeing a lot more Pokemon clones from now.
GB Pachislot Hissyoryou JR
Gekisou Dangun Racer
Gekisou Dangun Racer
Gem Gem
Gensan 2 (Hammering Harry 2)
Get Mushi Club

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