Monday, November 19, 2012

Game Boy T Part 2

The rom name says it is a legit Japanese release, but it can't be can it?  What other secrets await in part 2 of T games?

Tiger A Dragon
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2000
Tiny Toons Adventures Bab's Big Break
Tiny Toons Adventures Buster Saves the Day
That's some wonderful minimalist copying and pasting.

I honestly don't even remember this game.
Tiny Toons Adventures Dizzy's Can...
Tiny Toons Adventures Wacky Sports...
Tiny Toons Adventures 2
Another one of those American licences with an inexplicably large amount of Japanese games.  Fun Fact: most Japanese people have no clue who Bugs Bunny is!

Tip Off
Yes I got caught travelling in this too.
At that point I was just trying to though.

Titus the Fox
Love those colors.

TOCA Touring Car Championship
Too-Heart Columns
Hi confusing pirate game!

Good colors here too, I really wish I could have cared about the game.
Tokimeki Memorial Pocket - Long Subtitle
Based on the GCX episode, this is just Tokimeki.
Tokio Senki
Tokoro-san no Setagaya Country Club
Tom and Jerry - Frantic Antics
A while back I think I talked about a pirate/hack game that we would see again.  I think this is it!

Tom and Jerry Mouse Hunt
This game was one step away from being incredibly addicting.

Tom and Jerry
I want this on a shirt.

Tom and Jerry in Mouse Attacks
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six
Tonka Construction Site
I spent 10 minutes trying to figure out the first thing I could do.

Tonka Raceway
Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2
Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3
When I play these romsets I always forget that I hate Toobin'
Another Prolific GBC game maker
Top Gear Pocket
Top Gear Pocket 2

Torpedo Range

Total Carnage
Total Soccer 2000
We end on Soccer again.

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