Saturday, October 22, 2011

Drive (2011) by Nicolas Winding Refn

Despite my fear over an interview with Refn that stated, "If you're going to have a head explode in a movie, you need to call this guy..."  Drive was absolutely fantastic and I can't wait to own it on Bluray.  Hell I almost went to see it again.  Maybe I will on monday if it's still at the same theater, which has to be the best in San Antonio and the only one I will go to in the future.

I'm tempted to call it a new classic.  I don't want to write more because I feel like I need to watch it again and again.

Chronicles of Riddick (Movies and Games)

After people kept bringing it up I picked up the BluRay set for the Chronicle of Riddick.  Having now watched the 2 films and the 20 minute Peter Chung thing I'm gonna give a verdict.  Pitch Black is pretty good!  I love things that deal with logistics of doing something.  So it's really great they deal with logistics until they stop dealing with logistics for character drama. 

Riddick is kind of thin as a character.  It's Vin Diesel talking in his deep voice and acting as the plot requires he acts.  It doesn't feel like there's internal dialog/conflict going on him.  He will do what the plot needs to move forward versus any internal motivation.  For an anti-hero not a lot of surprises.  Oh and the 2nd film has deus ex machima and I always hate that.

But watching these got me pumped to replay the video game.  And I could replay it and then play the sequel all on the same disc.

I didn't play the sequel.  With the presence of DARK SOULS, GOD HAND, The World Ends With You, etc.  a video game has to be awesome to keep my interest.   Riddick had pretty much never grab my interest because I never felt like a badass.  If I'm going to fight people in first person I'd replay Breakdown again and throw my controller through a TV.

Instead the game ended up back in the envelope after I kept dying on a boring stealth section for an hour.  Interestingly I remember this is the same place I set down the game years ago, then came back 3 months later and beat because it felt incomplete.  But hey DARK SOULS.