Tuesday, March 5, 2013

PC Gamin' (PC Gaming)

Since I found myself having blown through most of the games  I had gotten in Japan and now had a laptop that could actually play games, I decided to hit my steam backlog that was over 150 games.  You know how Steam works.  I'd say 30 of those were played before Steam kept keeping track of those things. Then again I have an old enough steam account that pro-Counter-strike players were begging to trade my account for ????


The one Lucasarts Adventure title I hadn't played (not counting the others I hadn't played).  I've known of it for 20 years.  I asked about Loom.  Everyone I talked to that had played it responded with "It's alright I guess."  And...that's my opinion.  The puzzle system is different than usual, being based around playing magical notes forwards and backwards.  I felt like the manual would really help you out here.  After the first part of the game I wasn't invested in some robe dude's quest to do something.

Max Payne 1

I bought 1 and 2 on a steam sale like 4 years ago.  My own experience with the series was playing a lot of the Half-Life Mod The Specialists.  I played through Max Payne 3 semi-recently so it was time.  It is not nearly as amazing to play as I'm sure it was 10 years ago.  It was alright though.  I sort of miss those digitized faces.  The mind-blowing dream sequences now show their seams a bit too much.

Max Payne 2

Double the melo-drama.  Double the metaphors.  Half the game.  Run through the same 3 environments 3 times each.  Which is actually kind of neat conceptionally if not just a limitation in execution.  One of those environments is even from the first game.  I will say I liked how both games tried to treat the levels with real world layouts. 

English Country Tune

Holy fuck why did I buy a puzzle game I hate these things.


This was great.  I loved how it was software rendered so it could run on almost any old computer at the time.  There is even a 486 mode!  It also has miles of more art direction than other video games.  It just looks fantastic and weird.  Strange that it was a "budget" game and the sequel betrayed that entirely.  This game is also world's easier than the sequel, which 10 years later I still have shivers about THE TOWER.  I also have MDK2 on here, but I doubt I'll touch it.

I liked everything about this game and you will too.

Black Mesa

I guess if you are going to play Half-Life 1 in 2013 this is the way to do it.  After the beginning the differences from the original really drift off.  I can't recall anything being really different, but it's possible they streamlined the game a bit.   I'm curious what the new Xen is going to be like.  How are they going to "fix" Xen?  Why are they supposedly making it even longer?  I also only saw the G-Man once, which went with my normal HL1 experience of always looking in the wrong direction (mostly for items.) Also I had completely forgotten they had a god damn teleportation puzzle at the end.