Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Siren (PS2)

I sold Siren so that I couldn't try and play it again.  It always frustrated me with it's difficulty.  Then I needed to play it and jumped it to the top of my Gamefly.

It's a good game.  Once I stared gaming the game the difficulty took a big nose dive.  Each level is only 5-15 minutes long depending on patience and knowledge. 

I love how big and convoluted the plot is even if the characters involved aren't that interesting.  There's space aliens.  Why you replay stages and die and can continue is built into the narrative!  This is a bigger deal in the remake, but the basics are in here.

The remake is probably even better 5 years after it's release.  Sad that no one took it's bundle of ideas.  It was one of the games to use episodic content and episode openings and closers.  Then a bunch of other games used it and every time g-journs claimed it was a new and exciting thing. 

There are some really nice nuggets of goodness in Siren.  It's not even that the travel to those nuggets sucks.  It's just the little tiny nuggets of goodness are bigger in my mind than they are in reality.  What I can infer and speculate and imagine from those nuggets is great.  But that's also playing a separate game on top the game. The material and story is great I just wish it was presented more.  The aesthetic and method they give is fine, but showing an incoherent 5 second clip sucks.  They could gives 2 minutes of madness.

Tamon's British dub actor has a really really great voice.  Still dubbing a very Japanese game set in rural evil other-dimension Japan?  Bad choice Sony.  But Sony likes doing that.

Siren's great y'all.  Now to replay the remake soon and hopefully not have the urge to go back to Siren 2.  Thankfully I watched a trailer and went, "Oh yeah I hated fighting just about every enemy in that game."