Thursday, April 25, 2013

Rudie's Favorite games circa 2000

Hey y'all.  My life is currently in a huge stage of flux and change.  Part of this is cleaning out my house, starting with my room.  Digging up memories, and throw away everything.  I flipped open an old notebook and on the front page is a list of my favorite games, probably from 1997, or at least before Ocarina of Time came out.

Let's have a look.

1. Goldeneye
2. Super Mario 64
3. Zelda All of Them
4. Tetris
5. Star Fox 64
6. Mario 3
7. Shadows of the Empire
8. Sonic CD
9. Street Fighter II Turbo
10. Mario Kart 64

There are two weird parts of that (outside of #3 being all the Zeldas).  I have never owned a SegaCD so had only played it very briefly on a friend's.  I know later in life I got hold of the glitchy PC version and played it to death.  I also didn't frequent arcades and didn't even know anyone that had a SNES so Street Fighter II Turbo baffles me.  I did play a whole lot Super Street Fighter II on the Genesis.

A couple of pages later, it is years later.  Here's another top list:

1. Shenmue
2. Shenmue 2
3. GTA Vice City
4. Ocarina of Time
5. Gunstar Heroes
6. Skies of Arcadia
7. Metal Gear Solid
8. Soul Calibur
9. Jet Grind Radio
10. Starcraft
11. Half-Life
12. Super Mario 64
13. Perfect dark
14. Goldeneye
15. Curse of Monkey Island
16. Super Mario Bros. 3
17. Phantasy Star Online
18. Tetris
19. Grim Fandango
20. Sonic the hedgehog 2
21. Ice Hockey

I like this more.  Obviously Vice City made a hell of an impression on me.  I still remember there was a boat mission that was on rails where you are shooting the dudes, and it was mindblowingly cool.  I would probably still enjoy driving around listening to AFI's Sing the Sorrow.  DON'T JUDGE ME.

Also hey, thanks Bleemcast for letting me play MGS.  It wouldn't be until I was a Junior in HS that I would actually own a PS2 and get to play the full PSX catalog.  Also it is worth noting that my top 2 choices are the same 10+ years later.

The next page has a wonderfully GameFAQs review of Final Fantasy V.  Thanks me.  I enjoyed reading this review and will shred it to prevent anyone else.  But yeah, I still love the sounds the dragons make.  I spent like 20 hours in the game powerleveling my jobs.