Tuesday, October 7, 2014

東狂アルゴリズム Toukyou Algorithm

So I went to a last show of Tokyo  Algorithm right before I moved back to America.  It was a cool show and kind of sad because they were a real cool band.  I decided to look them up again last night.  Turns out they are playing a shows again.  They were indie as fuck back then self making all their CDs.  Now the singer has a record label that is various shades of j-punk.

Link to sampler

They just released a sampler that comes out TODAY.  One of the bands sounds exactly like Jeff Rosenstock's Ska Band.  Also it is pretty dang obvious when Toukyou Algorithm actually comes on the station.  I'd like their new song, or any of their back catalog that has disspeared because they were indie as fuck so if you didn't go to their shows you didn't get their stuff.

But their "main" album is on US iTunes and you can get it right now!  Just search for Tokyo Algorithm!  It's right there.  It's fantastic!  it has music like this:

There name is Toukyou.  It sounds like the city but the kanji is written as "EAST" "LUNATIC" as opposed to "EAST" "CAPITAL".  And if this music isn't your thing I'm sorry.

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